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Rabbito Dauto App: Rieko Koga by Lemonthrower Rabbito Dauto App: Rieko Koga by Lemonthrower
For the group :iconrabbito-dauto:

Hope I get in sobs
//fixed the crappiness

Name: Rieko Koga
Alias: Koko-san/chan
Age:  19 years old
Birthday: June 6th
Gender: Female
Weapon Choice: Nail gun
Opinion On What Is Happening:  She’s a little irritated (secretly creeped out) and wants to go home to her little siblings. The whole situation doesn’t startle her until she actually has to face with someone dying or having to kill someone. Rieko doesn’t like the fact that she doesn’t know her siblings’ current condition.


Kin Koga - brother - Kin is Rieko’s younger brother by 5 years. They’re not very close but Rieko still takes care of him the best she can.

Atsuhi Koga- Rieko’s older brother by 6 years. He’s taught her how to fight and also sends her money when he can. He jokes around with her in odd ways. Atsuhi and Kin are very close.

Delia Koga - adopted sister - A lost foreign girl in the country, Rieko adopted her. Delia is younger than Rieko by 7 years. She treats Delia more of a daughter than a sister but calls her a sister. She’s a lot closer to her than Kin


Haruka "Friday" Matsumoto- "Nice cutie~She's the first person I met. Reminds me of a highschool otaku ninja because she's so quiet. Pretty sure she's not though." :iconotakuingplz:

Maemi Wattan- "Strange guy. Seems really relaxed in this situation but seems like a okay person. Really tall...this bothers me." :iconusmileplz:

Nato Sazanami- "A very fragile seeming person. But I like that about him." :iconyuihmmplz:

Kohaku Aiko- "A little strange too, supposedly he has amnesia. Seems very cautious of me but well...he has a nice butt." :iconyutasmileplz:


Hyosuke "Ryuu" Kudo- "Superb cute. Really funny and playful guy; we're good friends!" :iconyattaaplz:

Tereya Hissori- "An unsociable bully. Calls me baka. He is a real perverted hentai." :iconlesigh-plz: ((//although she's probably just as or even more perverted))

Zena "Xan" Kaai- "Really nice girl! She's my kohai and I'm her senpai~" :iconhmmmmplz:

Personality:  flirty - playful - sisterly/motherly - Vulgar - short tempered - violent

To anyone around her own age or older, she’ll be extremely playful and flirty at first glance. Rieko makes a lot of jokes and gives people nicknames. This doesn’t make her an easy person to befriend though. Rieko has the mood of a bomb. Small things can tick her off and it takes her a long time to cool down. However, due to being the second eldest (and most reliable and current guardian) in her family she has a soft spot for younger kids. She’ll try to alliance and take care of the younger players if she can. Rieko tones down her language and acts all grown up quickly. The young girl is also extremely violent and throws a lot of punches. She usually goes out and beats up kids who bully her little brother Kin. She has no problem with punching people’s faces in.

Likes/ Dislikes:

+Fruits and healthy things~

+Your butt face

+Money and food

+Children //but not in that creepy pedo way

+Chick Flicks

+Punching people and fighting

+Puns and jokes

-Alcohol, drugs, smoking

-Lazy or helpless people who are older than her

-Whining people



-People who pick on little kids and her family


-Cold weather (//killed by Rieko because I dressed her for the summer)

Her father was a military doctor and left when she was only 5 years old. Rieko doesn’t hold a grudge against him though, since he sends her letters as often as he can. It was her mom and brothers left. Her older brother left to enlist in the army and her mom grew very sickly. Rieko soon began working when she was only 12, selling items and doing small work for her neighbors. Atsuhi, her brother, sends their family when he can and also comes home for the holidays. He taught his younger sister how to throw punches and defend herself. That’s also how Rieko takes care of all of Kin’s bullies.

Once she grew older, her finances became more stable. However she became a high school dropout and is a heavy workalcoholic. One day when she was on her way home from work she found a lost American girl. Rieko took her in, much to Kin’s annoyance since there was a new “baby” in the family. Delia knows very little Japanese so Rieko frets and worries about her a lot. When she was out to visit her mom in the hospital, Rieko got sent a request to play the game Rabbito Dauto. She simply rolled her eyes and clicked yes, hoping the spam would just go away. After bringing flowers and making sure her mother was comfortable, Reiko came back to her siblings to make their dinner and went to bed. She was extremely stressed since the police had told her that a) she was a suspect in shoplifting something and she’d need to come down the next day, b) she needed to attend school and c) she was behind on bills. When she found herself in a different place, she was kind of happy because she didn’t have to deal with that anymore but realized her siblings were all alone. She’s willing to do anything to get back home and make sure they’re safe.


-Rieko only lets those close to her call her Koko. You can still call her that but just expect fists to be flying

-She’s bisexual; prepare for all the flirting kiddos. No one is safe

-Calls everyone generally dear or darling

-Can’t read or write very well

-Known to pickpocket your things

-Trained in boxing and exercises when she’s not working

-She’s like 5”

-Has a scar on her eyebrow when she ran into a doorway

-Her name means child blessed with logic which is ironic because she isn't very book smart

-She chopped her hair off because she didn't want it to get in the way while she's fighting

-Hates cold weather and is a little angry because she's not dressed right for the game

-Hiccups when she's embarrassed or startled

-Not really tsundere, just doesn't like being seen or known as a girly girl

-Touch her lightly and she's instantly ticklish

-Voice -… - Voice actor of Minene, the purple haired girl

I RP through both notes and Skype; just note me for my skype if you want it dears~
I also do script and paragraph but I'm better with paragraph. If you like script though, I can always practice with that ^^

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Mungostar Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
Where did you find the background?
Lemonthrower Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The blank application is from :iconrabbito-dauto: 
Mungostar Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014
Thank You!Heart  killer rabbit
butterfly kill 
TheLostArts Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Giiiiirl, just look at this cutie! Gosh this girl is adorbs, I could just steal her away. ; 3 ; I don't think I could handle her flirting, though, to be honest. xD //OTL
I really love her personality, and her outfit is so pretty~ :iconryojidaisyplz:
I'm also a pretty big fan of Rabbit Doubt, so that earns her bonus points right off the bat xD, but like I said before I really like her and hope she's doing well in the group!
//chuckling at her doorway scar It's okay, hun, it's not just you. *Almost got a scar from running into a wooden post, but was lucky it faded*
Lemonthrower Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Rieko: come ere and pucker up :iconhesmileplz:

Awh thank you amg Q 7 Q
She's doing pretty good; she tryin to get some booty right now hehhhhhe

//battlescars 4 eva

but i had no idea you followed Rabbit Doubt gaspuuup

whispers hope you feel better from that battle
TheLostArts Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconblushuplz: I, u-uh, well- I've got somewhere super important to be. Lots of, you know, business stuff to take of. DON'T WAIT UP FOR ME. //flees

No problem!!
Haha, that girl -you get that booty, hun! xD

I haven't read Rabbit Doubt for a long time, and I never got around to finishing it -so I don't know if you can call me a real fan//embarrassed- but I do like it!

Thank you. From one warrior to another, your kind words mean a lot to me. ; u ;
Lemonthrower Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconmingwhatdoplz: i didn't even know it was a manga so i'm worse off than you
i just thought it was super cool pffft

but amgg she be gettin it don't worry :iconflynnwinkplz:
circuszombie Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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how could i not
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